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Telehealth - Online Physiotherapy Consultations

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An online telehealth video consultation is a great option at this time when we are all being asked to stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Many muscle and joint conditions respond positively to graded, specific exercise and can be treated once you know what your injury is and have self-treatment guidelines.

What should you expect from an online physio consult?

Similar to a physio session at the clinic, Neil will listen to your story and ask questions to help understand your condition, your goals, and to ensure there is nothing serious going on that requires additional care. You will then be guided through a physical examination to help identify the factors that may contribute to you being unable to do the tasks and activities that you want to. He will then provide you with a treatment plan that helps explain your condition as well as specific exercises or other strategies that help you achieve your goals.

How much does it cost?

A 30 minute online telehealth video consultation costs $145. Health rebates may apply.
Call the clinic on 6500 0045 or book online.

Telehealth - Online Physiotherapy Consultations
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