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What is neck-related arm pain?

Neck-related arm pain is discomfort that’s associated with radiating pain in the shoulder girdle and upper arm. It’s also known as:

Neck-arm pain is a broad term used to describe pain in your neck or upper back that includes some arm symptoms.

Neck-arm pain is a broad term used to describe pain in your neck or upper back that includes some arm symptoms.

neck-related arm pain symptoms and causes

What causes neck-related arm pain?

There are several possible causes, including pain referral from a disorder in the muscles or joints of the neck, irritation of nerve tissue, or compression of a nerve root. Neck-related arm pain is common among people with an occupation that requires continuous, repetitive tasks such as computer work, writing, manual handling or overhead work.

What are the symptoms of neck-arm syndrome?

Neck-arm syndrome symptoms may include neck stiffness and soreness, numbness, tingling, increased sensitivity, weakness in the upper limb and swollen hands. The arm pain is often described as aching, burning, sharp or shooting pain radiating down the arm. Neck-arm syndrome may involve the neck, shoulder, arm, hand, upper back and upper chest.

Is a pinched nerve causing my neck-arm pain?

A pinched – or trapped – neck nerve can cause arm pain, weakness and altered reflexes. Your symptoms may present as common arm conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and rotator cuff syndrome.


If you’ve been diagnosed with one of these conditions, but it isn’t responding to treatment, you may, in fact, have a pinched nerve in your neck. We can provide a thorough assessment to identify the real source of your symptoms.

How can physiotherapy help with neck-related arm pain?

It’s estimated that neck-related arm pain is more common than isolated neck pain. At The Neck & Jaw Clinic, our Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist is experienced at identifying and treating neck-related arm pain. He can help identify the factors contributing to your neck-arm pain and develop a tailored plan to relieve your symptoms, which may include:

We’ll also take you through a range of strategies to help you with relaxing your muscles and improving your neck, arm and shoulder mobility and strength. We work closely with other health professionals and can refer you to other healthcare practitioners if your symptoms are particularly distressing or disabling.

How can I prevent neck-related arm pain?

Other strategies which complement physiotherapy treatment and may help to prevent recurring neck-arm pain include improving your sleeping position, managing stress and tension, and engaging in regular physical activity.

If you’re suffering from neck-related arm pain, make an appointment at The Neck & Jaw Clinic today for targeted treatment of your symptoms.

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