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Neck pain is a condition that will affect most people at some point in their lives. Strains from poor posture, injuries, and degenerative diseases such as arthritis are the most common causes of neck pain.

Your neck supports and balances your head. It comprises seven bones called cervical vertebrae, which are linked together by discs and small joints called facet joints. This part of your spine (known as the cervical spine) is stabilised by joint capsules, ligaments, and moved by muscles and tendons – these structures can be a source of neck pain.

Neck pain is generally classified as either acute (your pain has been present for less than six weeks) or chronic/recurring. Our specialist physio can help with both types of neck pain. The Neck and Jaw Clinic is conveniently located for patients from the suburbs of Wembley, Subiaco, Floreat, and Leederville.


Neck Injuries
Neck injuries most often result from motor vehicle, sports or occupational accidents. Damage may occur to vertebrae, joints, nerves, discs, ligaments and muscles. A common neck injury associated with motor vehicle accidents is the acceleration/deceleration injury or 'whiplash' where the head is thrown forward or backward.

Poor posture can cause neck pain. Ligaments are over-stretched, muscles become tired and the neck joints and nerves are put under pressure. Slouching your shoulders with your head pushed forward, sleeping with your head in an awkward position, or working with your head down for long periods, will all tend to cause or worsen neck pain.

Degenerative Diseases
Osteoarthritis of the small joints in the neck and degeneration of the discs that separate the vertebrae may cause neck pain, particularly as you get older.

Whether your neck pain is acute or chronic, our specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist will undertake a comprehensive clinical exam to determine its source. From here, we’ll work to relieve the symptoms of your neck pain with a personalised program that might include:

  • postural assessment, correction and advice
  • joint mobilisation
  • remedial massage & soft tissue therapy
  • manipulation
  • functional and rehabilitative exercises
  • dry needling
  • ergonomics assessment & recommendations


Here is some useful advice from our physio to help you control and prevent neck pain:
Think tall: chest lifted, shoulders relaxed, chin tucked in and head level. Your neck should feel strong, straight and relaxed.

A down pillow or a urethane pillow is best for most people. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. We can assess and advise you.

Recognise when you are tense. You may be hunching your shoulders or clenching your teeth without realising it.

Avoid working with your head down or to one side for long periods. Frequently stretch and change position. Our Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist will show you how.

Keep your neck joints and muscles flexible and strong with the correct neck exercises. We will assess for tight or weak muscles and show you specific exercises to treat your situation.

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