Neck and Jaw Physio Wembley Perth

Perth's specialist physiotherapy centre for neck and temporomandibular (TMJ/jaw) disorders

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to be referred by my doctor?

A referral from your doctor is welcome but not necessary unless your injury is related to a Workers’ Compensation claim, a Motor Vehicle Accident, or you are eligible to claim under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

How long do appointments last and what are the fees?

Specialist Physiotherapist Initial Consult (1 Hour) $195
Specialist Physiotherapist Follow-up Consult (30 Min) $135
Specialist Physiotherapist Telehealth Consult (30 Min) $135

While many physiotherapy practices offer between 20-40 min appointments, I allow 1 hour for your first appointment, and 30 minutes for follow-up visits. I know that hearing your story, conducting a thorough examination, taking the time to educate and treat you, then setting up a simple to follow home plan at your first visit, saves you time and money in the long run.

Do you offer a discount for pensioners or health care card holders?

Yes, I offer a 10% discount for pensioner concession card holders and health care card holders.

Do you accept all health insurance funds?

Yes, I have HICAPS facilities available for your convenience. HICAPS accepts all major health funds. Please bring your health fund card on the day of your appointment in order for me to process your refund. To find out how much your fund will cover for an appointment, you will need to contact your health fund directly.

Can I claim under Medicare?

If you have a chronic musculoskeletal condition (has been present or is likely to be present for at least 6 months) you may be eligible for services under a General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP) or Team Care Arrangement (TCA). A patient is able to claim up to five services per calendar year. The plan must be prepared by your GP, who will then refer you to me. Normal fees apply but you’ll receive a rebate from Medicare of $58.30 .


What should I wear to my consultation?

Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing to allow adequate assessment and treatment of your injured area. Rest assured, your modesty will always be protected.


Where can I park?

All day parking is available along Simper St. Simper St has been blocked off in the middle of the road, but all day parking available both sides. 4hr parking also available in the Wembley Hotel Carpark.


What can I expect from a Telehealth appointment?

An online Physio consultation involves a simple to use video consultation. This can help just as much as a face to face consultation. In fact many muscle and joint conditions respond positively to graded, specific exercise and can be treated once you know what your injury is and have self-treatment guidelines. Read more

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